What we now know is that temperament traits are innate. What is fascinating is that we can identify these traits in children as young as 4 months old! A recent Time Magazine cover story “Does Temperament Matter?” (October 27, 2008) compares the early childhoods of Barack Obama and John McCain. Not surprising (to us), they still have the same temperaments they did as two year olds, in spite of their varied life experiences.

Learning more about your own temperament and those around you can bring a variety of reactions. For some, it’s a sense of relief – it’s not me! Or, it's not _____ just trying to push my buttons! For others, it allows a chance to adapt to those around them so each individual is allowed to “play” to their own temperament. For many, it leads to “A-Ha Moments”, meaning they finally understand why their behaviour or that of others is what it is and doesn’t seem to change.




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