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EMC News - Ottawa South

"I just wanted to congratulate you and Nanci on a beautiful, well written, content rich, user friendly resource for parents and educators. Well done! I will promote it at my work for sure."

Joanne Boyd

-Connect with Kids Family Life Education Services

"I have very much appreciated your book….and I can almost feel you and Nancy joyfully creating it together as I read. Your light and your love for what you do shines right through the pages."

Ruth Olson

-Waldorf Grade School Teacher

"Finally a book that acknowledges the role temperament plays in the makeup of children and how to address this together as a's a fun way to learn about your child AND's so simple yet so key to enlightened parenting."

Dr. Ron Clavier

- Author of "Teen Brain, Teen Mind: What Parents Need To Know to Survive the Adolescent Years"

I would recommend this workshop to everyone that has relationships with others

Bernadette Bailey

- Ottawa workshop participant, January 2009.

"Years ago, my parents were concerned with my shyness and consulted with Stella Chess and Alex Thomas, with whom they were friends. They were greatly influenced by the research of Chess and Thomas which helped them accept and learn how to deal with my shyness Though I am still shy, I  know I benefited from my parents' understanding of my temperament.

In my work as a preschool teacher I am attuned to temperament in the children I work with and  know the importance of parents learning about temperament."

J. Goings

"Finally, a great parenting workbook for any family!  What a great gift this would be for welcoming a new baby or for parents of a child of any age!  I loved comparing our son’s and daughter’s temperament traits to those of my husband and I.  Since my husband and I differ in our levels of rhythmicity, sensory threshold and intensity, no wonder we parent so differently some times!  Learning parenting strategies to cope with our intense, sensitive, active kids will help us for years to come."

Heather Champion and Dino Petrin
- Parents of two young children

Speaking sweetly to younger sister, "Could you be more quiet please, you know I’m very sensitive."

Justin, age 5

"I'll take three copies! One copy is for my daughter and her husband, soon to have twins.  One copy is for my son who will, before long, being starting a family of his own.   And, last but not least, I'm going to keep a copy here at home so that grandma and grandpa can brush up on some really important lessons.  Lessons like: every child is unique and deserves our patience and understanding; every parent has his or her own temperament too and deserves our patience, understanding, and support;  there is no one method or set of rules that we can impose on parents or their children; and, perhaps most importantly, grandparents do not automatically know the right way to go about raising children.

Don't tell my kids that I'm supposed to be an expert on temperament and parenting.  They'd laugh and they'd tell you that I should have read this book a long, long time ago."

Robert Glossop, C.M., Ph.D.

- Former Executive Director of Programs and Research for the Vanier Institute of the Family.

"Temperament: It is less intellect than instinct, more about music than lyrics."

Time magazine, cover story “Does Temperament Matter?” October 27, 2008

"My staff went immediately to the section on Reframing Behaviour as they prepared for the upcoming parent-teacher interviews!"

Suzanne Price, Director, Sunshine Special Children Studio

"Understanding a child’s temperament is a key to a successful outcome for all children and families. As a Program Supervisor working with diverse families, I welcome this knowledge. Nancy Rubenstein and Nanci Burns are dynamic in their delivery of a motivating message about the importance of an individual makeup. Their engaging style of presentation has also helped me in my role as parent. I have enjoyed attending their workshops and always come away with practical knowledge that I can apply immediately."

Mary Margaret Cruickshank, ECE

"My primary job in life is being a mom of three, but my chosen profession in life is working with children as a Certified Early Childhood Educator. Nancy and Nanci are both incredibly committed to children and families and I appreciate the contributions they have made to further develop both roles as a parent and educator."

Kim Rogers, ECE.C/Andrew Fleck Child Care Services

always supportive
a wealth of information on how to deliver the program
always bringing people together and boosting morale"

Fern Goldman, MSW, R.S.W.


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